HSA changes for 2019

IRS Update

IRS Announces 2019 HDHP and HSA Limits

On May 10, 2018 the IRS released the following 2019 limits for High  Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA):

2019 HSA Contribution limits:
Self-Only: $3,500
Family: $7,000

2019 HDHP Minimum Deductible:
Self-Only: $1,350
Family: $2,700

2019 HDHP Maximum Out of Pocket Expenses:
Self-Only: $6,750
Family: $13,500

These rates will be effective for the 2019 calendar year starting 01/01/2019.

The IRS Notice can be found here.

Where Are Things Headed with Health Care in the US?

Update: Video and Podcast links

Click here for the streaming video archive of Where Is Health Care Headed in the United States?

Click here for the Heartland Institute audio podcast of Where Is Health Care Headed in the United States?

You may be interested in a speech I will be giving at the Heartland Institute that will explore where things are headed with health care in the US. The event is on Wednesday, July 26, and John will be speaking from 6:00-6:45 PM CT, with a 15-minute Q&A following.

Here is a synopsis of my talk:

This is not the first time the Congress has debated controversial healthcare reform proposals, nor is it the first time that downright bitter, partisan politics have come into play and confused the issues! Along the way some efforts have succeeded, but many others have failed.

Many of the Republicans in the Congress have campaigned heavily since the 2010 mid-term elections on the promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Now that the GOP is in charge, though, they’re realizing that governing is a whole lot more challenging than playing the role of the opposition party. Certainly what we have seen to date with the “Repeal and Replace” efforts is testimony to this fact.

Heartland policy advisor John Garven will be with us on July 26th to provide an informed perspective around how we got into the mess we are now in, and offer his thoughts about where all of this may be headed in the near and longer terms.

Heartland Institute live streams these events through Facebook and YouTube:

If you’d like to attend this event in person, at Heartland Institute’s Arlington Heights, IL, meeting facility, click here to register. If you are unable to attend, we hope you might have an opportunity to watch the talk via one of the live streams above.


Click here for additional resources for those who are interested in learning more details around some of the items that were addressed during Mr. Garven’s talk.